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09/04/08 09:38 PM #4    

Paul Chen

What's wrong with wacked?

09/05/08 09:51 AM #5    

Cindy Kubo (Nakamoto)

I guess beggars can't be choosers... Ok, you can help. :)

09/05/08 10:31 PM #6    

Kyle Segawa

Okay, I'll bite - hey suckas!!! ;^P Hey Paul, are you bald like me??? LOL! And sup Jase - you pimp daddy CFO you!

Cindy, I'll try to make it Sunday. Depends on how my schedule goes...

09/10/08 12:14 AM #7    

Paul Chen

Nope, not bald, just fat! Marriage has been very, very good to me. I got to lay off those buffets.....

09/10/08 08:14 PM #8    

Daniel Iwamoto

Well, well, well...lookie what we have here...a bunch of bald, fat, pimp-daddy beggars about to do a whole bunch of whacked stuff...Hmmmmmmmmm...sounds just like old times. I guess you can count me in too. Don't know what I can do from up here in Cali, but let me know. My Profile is up now so check it out. Hope to hear from you all soon.

09/12/08 08:01 PM #9    

June Bumanglag (Dela Cruz)

omg.... cindy, you can't be the only women here. all the male testosterone needs to be regulated.

'sup all :)

09/12/08 10:39 PM #10    

Paul Chen

Since there's a bunch of us in Cali, I volunteer my place for the next reunion planning meeting...It's only a 5 hour flight up here. Watchuthink?

09/18/08 11:05 PM #11    

Cindy Kubo (Nakamoto)

ha, ha... How about you move back here, and take over the reunion planning! :)

09/21/08 10:49 AM #12    

Paul Chen

Let me think about it...Oh wait, I already am moving back. This past week would have been good for a meeting up here, Cindy. Rumour has it you were up here for Miley Cyrus's b-day?

09/22/08 06:22 AM #13    

Cindy Kubo (Nakamoto)

Nope...Wasn't me...Where did you hear that from? By the way, when exactly are you moving back?

09/22/08 09:17 PM #14    

Daniel Iwamoto

Hey Paul make sure we get together before you go back ok?

09/23/08 10:58 PM #15    

Jason Hayashi

Daniel & June! There are a couple of names I haven't heard in a LONG while! I hope you're both doing great. I see Sege when he can break free from work, and Paul wanders into town every blue moon. Whenever I wave at Cindy while driving, she always snobs me, but at least I see her around. Just kidding =) It really brings a smile to my face to know all these long-lost friends are doing good.

09/24/08 08:21 PM #16    

Paul Chen

Hey Skip!

Didn't realize you lived so close. Carol Chen (Oshiba), Blake Kushi, John Yamachika are also in the area too. Maybe we can all meet up sometime soon.



09/24/08 08:27 PM #17    

Paul Chen

Moving back on Dec. 29th. Keep it on the downlow if you have facebook or myspace, cuz I have coworkers on it and my boss doesn't want them to know quite yet (Politics). In escrow right now, dog's vaccinations are good to go, so we are on a way, although I should be depressed as I will be an unemployed bum for a while. Hopefully, I get a job before the reunion, or I'll be saying then, "uh, I don't have a job, live with my in-laws, playing my Wii all day" (not that there's anything wrong with that) Anyway looking for a bad-ass HR professional? Hook me up!

09/25/08 03:33 AM #18    

Cindy Kubo (Nakamoto)

Jase, - I'm so sorry... It's not just you, I totally zone sometimes when I'm driving and pass by even my own spouse without realizing it! :P By the way, I was going to call you,... you're coming to the meeting this Sunday right? :) 11 am at Lincoln Park...

09/27/08 12:28 PM #19    

Jason Hayashi

Hi, Cindy!

Yeah, I'll be there - thanks for the reminder. If I show up I don't get stuck with some awful responsibility, right? =)

10/02/08 04:51 AM #20    

Daniel Iwamoto

Hey Just a though! What if our reunion was planned around the same time a Hilo High's reunion? Would be kinda nice to think that everyone from back in the day was on the same rock at the same time. Just a thought. If its in Hilo at all. GO WARRIORS!

10/02/08 03:27 PM #21    

Paul Chen

That would be cool! I don't know if it's been done, but I wouldn't mind seeing our teachers too! Cindy?

10/03/08 05:46 AM #22    

Nathan Osorio

Howzit everybody! Hope you all are doing good. Just thought I'd drop by and say hello. Take care!


10/06/08 09:10 PM #23    

Daniel Iwamoto

Wassup Nate! How you been?

10/14/08 08:44 PM #24    

Cindy Kubo (Nakamoto)

Actually, you guys are getting ahead of us a little. The reunion committee just set the dates for our 20th Class Reunion to be on July 10 & 11, 2009. It's not official yet, because we still need to finalize a few details, but since you're asking... Hilo High's 20th reunion as far as I know, is scheduled for the following weekend. As soon as everything is set, I will be informing Waiakea High School of our plans. I did not think about inviting teachers, but I suppose I could ask the committee what they think about this...

10/24/08 06:25 AM #25    

Kyle Nakamoto

Have you decided where the reunion will be held??

11/04/08 11:44 AM #26    

Tammy Onomura (Burks)

Hey Cindy, let me know if you need any print work done!

BTW, let's change our reunion to Hilo High's weekend because we want to see our c/o '89 friends from there too...

Just kidding! Ha, ha, ha! :)

11/05/08 06:25 PM #27    

Cindy Kubo (Nakamoto)

Thanks Tammy! I'll let you know when the time comes. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hey Kyle, we are looking into a few options, and currently have a deposit for the second night at UH Hilo (July 11). We are still weighing our options for friday night...

12/06/08 09:35 AM #28    

Robert Tanaka

Wassup people. Blast from the past. Got a message from Coryne to come here. Just saying "Hi".


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