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12/06/08 09:35 AM #28    

Robert Tanaka

Wassup people. Blast from the past. Got a message from Coryne to come here. Just saying "Hi".


12/08/08 08:12 AM #29    

Thomas Figueredo

wow its been almost 20 years since ive heard or seen any of your names, been a long time.does anyone know when the date is for the reunion.need toplan ahead got a long flight to get back to hawaii.

12/11/08 12:28 AM #30    

Cindy Kubo (Nakamoto)

Yes. The reunion is scheduled for July 10 & 11, 2009 (Friday & Saturday evenings). Sorry, I have not officially posted the dates yet since we are still working on a few details...

12/11/08 10:35 AM #31    

Thomas Figueredo

ok ,thanxs 4 da 411

12/14/08 04:52 PM #32    

William Perreira

Hey Everybody,
Well I see that you guys had a meeting set for today. Let me know how I can help out. I hope everyone's doing fine and having a great Holiday Season. Take Care and hope to see all of you in July. Bill

01/07/09 09:49 AM #33    

Cheryl Castillo (Morett)

OMG, I haven't seen alot of our classmates since ? who knows when! I wasn't able to make it to the last class reunion so hopefully I will be able to make this one. It would be great seeing everyone! Since I'm living in Vegas (been here for 11 years now) I really don't know how I can help out with the reunion but let me know Cindy! Take care all my fellow classmates and hope to see you soon!!

01/13/09 11:56 PM #34    

Cindy Kubo (Nakamoto)

Thanks Cheryl. It has been a really long time... but it seems to have just flown by for me. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone too.

01/22/09 06:18 PM #35    

Thomas Figueredo

hey does anyone have a class picture they can put on this web site so we all can see, and remember what each classmate looked like, back in the day.

01/22/09 06:21 PM #36    

Thomas Figueredo

hey is the dates final yet or can u guys move it back a couple of weeks?, jus thought id ask.

02/07/09 12:07 AM #37    

Cindy Kubo (Nakamoto)

Sorry, but the dates can't be changed at this point. We have placed deposits for both nights, so a change will mean losing that money. :( I hope you'll still try to make it.

02/24/09 08:39 PM #38    

Thomas Figueredo

yeah, im sorry, id really would want to try to make it , but my wife comes home for rnr from iraq at that same time.

03/30/09 08:22 PM #39    

Shelly Kakugawa (Cabuco)

Hi Y'all!!! Soo nice to "see" all of you guys again. Wow it's been 20 years! Time sure flies ... Hugs to all of you. Please keep in touch!

05/29/09 11:07 AM #40    

Jeremie Walls

Hey class! Its been awhile. Good to know that you have set a date foe the reunion. planning being back in the islands the first week of July. Keep me posted Aloha!

07/13/09 01:00 AM #41    

Paul Chen

Vegas in 2011 with Hilo High! Anyone? Anyone?

07/14/09 09:56 PM #42    

Paul Chen

Hey Gang!

We're having a mini reunion this coming Saturday(July 18) at the Yardhouse in Waikiki, 6:00 pm for anyone who could not make it to the actual reunion. Feel free to bring spouse, kids, girlfriends, boyfriends, it's all good. Contact me at if you are interested so we can get a headcount.


949-350-5474 cell

07/29/09 04:08 PM #43    

Roxanne Gastilo (Lumanlan)

VEGAS 2011 w/ Hilo High--sounds AWESOME!!! Count me in!!

03/05/10 07:11 AM #44    

Cheryl Castillo (Morett)

If anyone still reads this message forum, how about we have our next class reunion in Vegas? I live here, so I am more then willing to help plan it! Let me know...any takers brave enough to do this?

04/06/10 03:19 PM #45    


Harold Wilson

Wazzup C/O 89!
Just wanted to stop in and show some love. Hope you all are doing great and living your dash in life. Well thats all for now and if you ever are on FB look me up......Love & Aloha Harold

10/07/10 06:56 AM #46    


Harold Wilson

WaZZuP C/O 89!

Just thought I would drop in and say hi to everyone out there, but looks like class of 89 has all grown up and dont have time to have a little fun.......As for me I make is to short and we cant let it pass us by. With the Holidays upon us I would like to take the time to wish you all a happy and safe time. Thats all for now, hope to see more posts soon....AWrYte! Aloooooha

01/06/11 11:17 PM #47    

Paul Chen

Save the date! - August 9, 2011 - 40th birthday bash class reunion in Vegas - a joint Hilo/Waiakea High reunion!  More details to follow soon.........


See you all in Vegas!



08/02/12 10:02 PM #48    


Harold Wilson

Wazzup C/O 89! Hope all is well with you guys :)


11/24/13 04:00 AM #49    

Zaneta Lincoln (Dizol)

Are we having a 25th class reunion?

02/19/17 10:55 AM #50    


Harold Wilson

What's up C/O 89!! Just wanted to stop in and say Happy belated New Year and I hope you all are doing well. πŸ‘πŸ˜€πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

06/10/19 02:20 AM #51    

Paul Chen

Howzit Class of '89!

Better later than never, but we are finally starting the planning for our 30 Year Reunion.  Couple things you should know:

1) We have a facebook site  Go here for the latest information.

2)  We are currently running a survey to decide where, when, and how long.  You can complete the survey at the following link:


Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Hope to see you there!


Paul Chen


07/27/19 10:26 PM #52    

Paul Chen


Hey gang!

If you didn’t receive the email, we have a survey out to determine the weekend of our Vegas reunion this October 2019.  Some things to consider:

1.  Looking at weekend of October 11th or 18th
2.  We have banquet room availability at the California hotel on either the Friday or Sunday of the weekends
3.  The cheapest packages from vacations Hawaii is $799, getting to LV late Friday night and leaving late Tuesday.  There’s 5 night packages leaving Wed through Monday for $899. This is from Oahu.

Please think about which weekend, and what night of the week(Friday or Sunday)we should have the banquet room gathering, which will include a buffet dinner.  Here’s a link to the survey if you didn’t get the email.

Deadline to complete is Monday, July 29th.




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